'Christmas in July' at the RACV

26th Jul 2015


The 'Christmas in July' function at the RACV club on Saturday 25th July, 2015 was outstanding and a credit to everyone involved in its organization and Peter Dawson in particular. Over three hundred people attended with the aim of enjoying themselves but most importantly helping to raise funds for Maciu and Kylie. Both of those aims were achieved beyond everyone's expectations and on a rough count at the end of the evening approximately $100,000 was raised for the Maciu Vosa Trust.

The speeches from Rocky Mileto and Nick Farr-Jones were poignant and full of messages of support but the highlight (for me at least) was the way that Kylie demonstrated in her speech what a wonderful and supportive person she is. It seems wrong to say that Maciu is a lucky man but I have to say that he has an absolute gem in Kylie.

A few stalwarts took the #RedHotChilliChallenge and it seemed that having done so Nick Farr-Jones might well have had to forgo his speech, such was the adverse effect of his chilli! However he battled on with a glass of water by his side and gave us an insight into what it was to be a Wallaby in the 'amateur' days.

The silent auction and raffle were a great success and a significant source of fun and funds. All in all it was a sensational evening with good food, good company and a great outcome. The Harlequin Club has every right to be proud of its efforts.

If you are interested is seeing some of the photos from the evening click here.