Mystery solved!

30th Jul 2018


I don't know how many times I have been asked "Who are those two cute boys on the Junior home page banner?" It is such a great photo and encapsulates the joy experienced in our junior teams. Well, I'm pleased to say that we have solved the mystery. In doing so we've added another player who has been with Quins for 10 years or more - and will hopefully soon represent the seniors. 

The boys are Koli Ika and Alister (known as Al). They were U8 at the time and Koli is now playing tight-head in the champion U18 team. Jack is now studying at the ANU in Canberra but returned to see his mates play in the Colts grand final. Unfortunately Al moved to Aussie Rules - but if anyone knows him they can tell him that he is always welcome back! The answer came when we collected the sign from great supporter and Quins parent Frank Mezo at Mezographics.

Frank's son Jack is standing in the background (in the orange shirt) and he filled us in on the boys names. They boys look like they are about to engage in a scum, but the larger photo shows them just being mates with their arms around one another and a group of friends standing in the background.