Test Match week at the Harlequins

19th Jun 2016


What a great week for the Quins.

It was impossible to choose a photo that represented the highlights of the week: it could have been Maciu with the six Harlequin members of the English test squad; it could have been Peter Leahy interviewing Cameron Clyne and Ian Ritchie; it could have been members of the colts 1976 premiership team at their reunion. In the end I had to choose the only photo that fitted the template. However if you want to see photos of the week just click here.

The week started with the junior training night and the excitement amongst the juniors that two of the English touring squad would attend training. Imagine their faces when not two but all six of the London Harlequins walked into the club rooms. Selfies were being taken everywhere and photo flashlights going off all over the clubrooms. Eventually Dante Peel asked the London Quins a few questions but it was not until the the juniors were able to ask questions of their own that their faces lit up with wonder and excitement. English jumpers were handed out and there are many Harlequin juniors who will be wearing them with pride.

On the following Saturday the President's Lunch was a sell out. Not only was the club playing Melbourne University to regain the Penwill Cup but Ian Ritchie, head of the Rugby Football Union, and Cameron Clyne, chairman of the Australian Rugby Union, were guests of the Quins. What an important day! Peter Leahy conducted two excellent and insightful interviews and questions from the floor were of high calibre and answered accordingly.

At the end of the day the Penwill Cup was back in our hands and there was a sense that the second test match at AAMI stadium would be a cracker. It was and records were broken yet again with the England squad winning their first test series in Australia by 23-7. I'll leave the commentary to others but I have never seen a team defend their line as well as England did against the Wallabies attack. Given the soft state of the pitch I can't see another international at AAMI Park unless the state of the ground is improved significantly.

The next big week will be the match against our old rivals Melbourne on Saturday 9th July.