Zac Dixon - 50 1st Grade games

9th May 2017

Brock Parker

Last Saturday in the Grand Final replay Zac Dixon played his 50th 1st Grade game for the club. Joining the club in 2013, Zac has played in three 1st Grade Premierships (2013, 2014 and 2015) and has been one of the toughest and most committed players to the club over the last 5 years. Current 1st Grade Head Coach Pom Simona has written the below about Zac.  

In the era of professionalism its not often you get reminders of everything that's good and great in the grassroots of rugby. Traits there were at the foundation of the grassroots level of rugby like loyalty, patience, mateship and hard work have made way for academies, protein shakes and ice baths. But there's still some of that old school floating around and we as a club and the first team especially are very blessed to have a walking embodiment of these traits in Zac Dixon. For a guy that has made his name as a no nonsense hard working flanker or lock it was fitting that he got to play his 50th game for Quins on the big stage of AAMI Park. Zac doesn't seek praise or for his name to be in bright lights so it was nice for once for him to be center of attention on the big stage against the old rivals Melbourne.

It has taken Zac 5 years to reach his 50 games and you can guarantee Zac gave 100 percent in those 5 years to reach this milestone. You can't question his loyalty and willingness to work hard and do the unseen dirty work. Not many players these days would put in the time Zac has put in for the club, he's worked his way up from 2nd grade to the bench for first grade and now to be a starter for firsts and a leader in our team. I compare what Zac does for our team to what our service men and women do for us as everyday citizens, they put themselves in harms way doing a job no one wants to do so we can live the lives we live without restrictions. Zac puts his head and body into places where not many players are willing to go so other players like our speed boys out wide enjoy the wide open spaces provided.

For all the great things Zac does on the field, he's equally a great bloke off the field. One of the best things about Zac is he has time for everyone and especially for the "no ones". Zac treats everyone the same no matter who you are and is always happy to sit down and have a beer and a laugh. Next time you're in the club and if Zac is there, say G'Day and have a beer with him, I promise you'll be glad you did like we are glad he's one of ours! Here's to many more games for a guy that epitomizes all that is great about rugby and a Quins man! 

Pom Simona 

Congratulations Zac from everyone at Harlequins!