Aim and philosophy of the TryRugby Kids Pathway

The aim of the TryRugby Kids Pathway for U6 to U12 players is to provide a series of age-specific modified rugby games. These modified rugby games progressively develop the individual skills, fitness and team work of all players in accordance with their physical maturity and understanding of the game.

The Kids Pathway for U6 to U12 players has been developed to:

  • Increase activity levels for maximum participation and enjoyment.
  • Meet the developmental needs of young Rugby players in line with the safety focus of the modern game.
  • Provide an integrated and consistent approach to the development of U6 to U12 players, coaches and referees across the country. 

Following a thorough review in 2010, successful implementation in 2011, and minor changes for 2012, ARU is very pleased with the feedback to date on the current Kids Rugby Pathway Laws. The Laws will remain the same for 2013.

Opportunities for continuing feedback from stakeholders are available on the TryRugby website. The IRB’s global Law Amendment Trial Laws will apply where relevant in the Pathway age groups in 2013. The "game styles' for each age group are shown in the table below. (Note that the Harlequins has decided that its U12 players will play in the Youth Rugby competitions).

Kids Rugby Pathway Laws

Each game-style of the U6 to U12 TryRugby Kids Pathway has a development skills focus which takes into account the chronological age of the child and their capacity for safe and achieveable rugby skill acquisition.

For full version of TryRugby Kids Pathway Laws visit

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