Harlequin Juniors - Round 10 2016

22nd Jul 2016

Stephen Rosengren

Match Date:
16th Jul 2016

Under 16

It was a sunny mild morning at the Quins Homeground with the sun breaking through for what was the perfect day for a good Rugby match.  We turned out in numbers but I must admit some boys were late and in the end I believe that contributed to our slow to react mode. 

The match started with Northern kicking off and the game was on, the first half saw great defence on both sides and many “ALMOST” tries.  We were defending well but could not convert that hard work into points.  Northern was having the same issue which was a testament to our team.  Ending the first half with a scoreless board on both ends.

As we returned for the second half Northern came out flying while we still scratching our heads and scored 3 tries in total converting only 1 to put them infront, leaving us behind to pick up the pieces.  We did although manage to score one try and Sam converted to make sure we didn't finish without a fight.  BOYS – we gave away too many penalties, we didn't execute our moves properly, too many missed tackles and our player positioning and structure which is vital – ended up costing us the match today. 

Special mentions for today go out to Charlie for an amazing season he's had so far, Nic Roostan our Captain who led today as an example of hard work, Isaac whom completed every tackle he attempted and somehow managed to be up for the next one, and last but not least Zachary Pitts and Jaedyn Poata who always and even more today put their bodies on the line.

Personally speaking boys we need to show more HUNGER for the ball.  Rugby starts off the field: preparation is important, and also training on your own in your own time – not just relying on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I've been there before with some of the boys here and I know how it feels to make it to the finals and come so close but loose it in the end.  THIS is the drive that pushes us to become better as a team and improve to get to the next level. 

We need to not only speak our values but LIVE THEM!!!!!


We need to be HUMBLE in our wins and our losses.

Harlequins 7 defeated by Northern 22

Match Report by MatAtu Bose JNR

U12 Maroon

In the game against Boxhill we played well as a team. I think the forwards had a really good game with their Tiger & Fiji runs.

The involvement around the ruck and ball security has improved from previous games. The backs worked well together, talking and communicating throughout the entire match.

The entire team were all well disciplined and everyone had a good game!

Match Report by Kobi Heurea