Harlequin Juniors - Round 11 2016

26th Jul 2016

Stephen Rosengren

Match Date:
23rd Jul 2016


First of all I'd like to take this time to thank all 23 boys that turned up on Saturday ready to go.  Yes it was a tough match and we may have lost but it doesn't mean that we're out of contention. Thank you to all the parents that brought the boys out so early in the morning so far out.  

I'd like to take this opportunity to review our game and where we go from here.  If we look back on our last 3 losses we see a clear similarity: 

  • Half time V's Endeavor 7 to 8
  • Half time V's Northern 0 to 0
  • Half time V's Whyndam 5 to 10

We are having fantastic first halves but our 2nd halves are very poor.  We are not finishing off our games - starting well but not completing our game plan, spending too much time defending and not enough time attacking.

Our focus this week will be finishing off our game plans: player positioning,  FITNESS, tackling and SELF CONFIDENCE!!!  We are jumping out of the box with intensity but our lack of confidence and allowing the opposition to take control of the game is handing them the keys to walk all over us in the 2nd half.

Let me say boys YOU ARE A TALENTED SQUAD of young men with exceptional skills and talent.  You can achieve anything you put your mind to with focus and drive.  Preparation and dedication in all aspects of life will push us to succeed: do not be distracted by past failures and losses - instead be driven by them to improve and succeed.

This week I will make more changes to the Squad list; there are boys that are improving every game and there are some boys that I believe still need a lot more game time therefore will be playing the Blues squad this week to ensure you have a good run. I thank all the boys and parents that have been emailing/texting through their sons absence,  it helps management in ensuring that we have enough numbers each week.  

Remember we need to find FORM and going into the finals means change.  

Special mentions this week go out to our forwards that fought hard; Charlie, Nic, Jaedyn, Orisi, Xander and our French Firecracker Gabriel - welcome back!!  

See you at training gentlemen.   GO QUINS. 

Match Rport by Atu Snr