Harlequin Juniors - Round 12 2015

13th Aug 2015


Match Date:
8th Aug 2015


On Saturday we played Endeavour Hills. I think we all could have played a lot better including myself and we fell short on all our tackles and just didn't play as a team. I know we are better than that and we play a good game of rugby when we all put in 100% effort.

I just want to say a big thank you to our coach for always supporting us. It would be nice if we could all make it to training this week since we only have 2 games left. Let's train as a team so we can play as a team. I look forward to seeing you all at training and let's bring our a game this week not only for us but for our coach.

Final score was Endeavour Hills 65 - Quins 5

Thanks boys and I look forward to seeing you all at training. 


Match Report by Trystan Smith: The U11 Blues played against Wyndham city on Saturday who are a strong team.  Jerry made some good tackles and Jason had some good runs allowing the forwards to be able to recycle the ball. 

I think we have improved a lot and have guided each other through each game. I think this is the best team I have ever met.

On Saturday we played Endeavour Hills.

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