Harlequin Juniors - Round 14 2016

21st Aug 2016

Stephen Rosengren

Match Date:
21st Aug 2016

Under 13

Today we played a very big game against Endeavour Hills.

We had some very well stringed moves in the first half because of our confidence that we possessed going into the game. We had many successes during the first half but accompanying the success were a few hiccups when under pressure from the Endeavour boys. We retained possession of the ball for about 80% of the first half.

However, we came into the second half with over confidence which resulted in us slacking off around the break down. Because of this, we had less possession during the second half enabling the Endeavour Hill boys to push over us and score quite easy tries.

We received the awakening we needed and we pushed forward and scored the last try providing us the win, allowing us to regained the Monash Cup. Let’s maintain our intensity going into the finals.

Match Report by William Scarff