20th May 2017

Stephen Rosengren

Match Date:
13th May 2017
YouthUnder 14


What a good game! But not the outcome we wanted. It was a really close match with Endeavour taking the win by a penalty kick 17-14.

There were hard hits & good running from both teams. Harlequins had opportunities to take the match, it was a winnable game. Some areas we need to improve on are getting to the ruck quicker, better ball handling and consistent scrummaging.

Our Coach asked for intensity and emergency and we didn't apply that at the level needed. Some positives were there was a lot of talk, though a bit more listening would have helped because there were times when open players were calling for the ball but the man with the ball ignored them and just ran it up resulting in a turn over or lost possession. Our scrambling defence was impressive and our backs ran some very nice lines.

Key areas to focus on would be looking for that open player instead of trying to do all the work yourself, more support in open play and getting to the ruck much quicker.

Match report    Kobi Heurea