Harlequin U18 - Round 5, 2018

27th May 2018


Match Date:
19th May 2018
YouthUnder 18

Following a substantial win last week (albeit a friendly?), boys were ready to back up and consolidate their training sessions against a formidable (undefeated so far this season) -- Wyndham.

And that we did! Fresh and ready for a tough opposition, we came out flying and starting out strong, solid in defence and letting not letting Wyndham break through our defensive line. Our first up tackles were good and our defence spacing was strong throughout the whole game giving Wyndham little chance to score. 

Our forwards were on point in the scrums and really good in lineouts, we won a couple of defensive lineouts and we put pressure on Wyndam when they had the ball. The forwards had quality structure within our pods keeping our support there.

Our backs played really well, while they had nice spacing and spreading out to the wing. Backs were solid in defence on set pieces getting up in their faces and putting pressure. They were communicating well, led by Sam. The backs had good hit ups on the Wyndham defence which in the end lead to us scoring off set pieces, particularly Motu a new player who made a big impact off the bench (welcome to the team).

Let’s keep training well boys and keep up this momentum

By Seb Tusan