Harlequin U18 - Round 6, 2018

27th May 2018


Match Date:
26th May 2018
YouthUnder 18

Match report: Harlequins U18's (20) def Endeavor hills U18's (15)

After a triumphant victory against Wyndham last week, the boys were ready to compete against the crowning champs of the u18's competition last year: Endeavor hills. The training sessions this week focused on skills - both defence and attack, structure - both backs and forwards, and our team runs.

Saturday we took on the reigning champs with might (on their home ground). Both sides not giving up, we came out ready to respond with our co-hesive structure. Upfront tackles held well, our rucks cleaned out, and the number of penalties decreasing (some being preventable -- eg. offside, hands in the ruck.)

The forwards did numerous amounts of tackles, winning in the line-outs, and running the ball well. But also setting the foundation for our win. Our communication could improve; being able to respond to the pressure Endeavor was forcing on us. Overall a great effort forwards, bravo!

Our backs performed well today, nice-spacing among the lines, being able to defend when called for. Also being able to compete in their half for most of the game. But being pushed into the opponent's mindset of how this game should run, is a flaw which could have cost us the game. But great job today backs!

A slight victory held our side strong. I recommend watching the video of this match (if posted soon? / thanks Tim and Nick), and see what we can work on before training next week. Most importantly keep up the positive spirit, go quins! 

Jonas Sanerive