Harlequin U18 - Round 9, 2018

19th Sep 2018


Match Date:
25th Aug 2018
YouthUnder 18

We knew as soon as we saw Endeavour Hills today that we were in for a physical match that would inevitably come down to fitness. It started off as a windy day with Endeavour Hills roaring to go with ball in hand for the first 10 minutes of the match. We soon found our form after a few questionable decisions by the ref but to your credit boys you pushed on with respect, perseverance and played as a team.

Today I stand amazed at the effort you all put in considering the fact that we had at least 8 boys out with injuries but it didn't phase you one bit and that boys is a testament to you. Today boys you displayed 70 minutes of fitness and that is the result of consistent training and individual development. 

As I mentioned last week, each team we face from now on will continue to push us to our limits so preparation is key. We look forward to our next match against Footscray and like today we will be expecting the unexpected!!! I believe today's win was a team effort and each and every player out there contributed to our win...well done. But in saying that it doesn't stop there, there are still areas that we need to improve on and room to grow. 

Atu Senior
U18 Quins Coach