Quins versus Power House

Heading for the line
11th Apr 2017

Martin Fuggle

Match Date:
8th Apr 2017
Seniors1st XV

The unpredictable Melbourne weather definitely playing its part in the games against old rivals Power House. 1st XV ended up with a 10-3 win in what was a tough physical game of rugby where both teams would be disappointed in not making more of their opportunities.

In sunshine, and with a stiff breeze at their back, Quins were on the back foot for much of the opening part of the game with Power House keeping the ball in hand and attacking the Quins line. However the House attack was not raising any huge concerns for Quins and their solid defensive line held firm. House settled for a penalty goal after 15 to 20 minutes attack and then didn’t threaten the line again for the first half. Quins had some chances late in the first half but failed to secure clean ball to take the attack up to House. The teams had the half time break with some ominous storm clouds on the horizon to the west.

On the stroke of half time the stiff breeze did a complete 180 degree change to see Quins once again run with the wind and House play the entire game into the wind. Quins looked far more assertive in attack and finally broke the House defence with a try to Zac Dixon which was converted from the sideline by Kemu Valetini. It wasn’t long after the Quins try that the heavens started to open up and with threatening lightening the referee stopped play for approximately fiften minutes whilst the players took shelter. After the break Quins picked up a penalty goal to stretch the lead to 10-3 and that's where the scores stayed at the end of the game in what was a tough and very unique game of rugby.   

Quins 2nd XV had a strong 37-18 win after being down 10-12 at the half time break. Thankfully the wind kept blowing the same way for the entire game with a tiring Power House running into a stiff breeze in the second half and running out of gas.

The 3rd XV started strongly going to a 17-0 lead after twenty minutes and then failed to score for the balance of the game. House won 23-17 in the final few minutes of the game.

Click here to see some photos of the game courtesy Lindsay Fraser.