U14's V Box Hill- 21 June 2014

3rd Jul 2014

Stephen Rosengren

Match Date:
21st Jun 2014

Match report by Joel Westney on Saturdays game (21st of June)

A great win for the boys on Saturday, everyone performed in a very important game against Box Hill. The team played with lots of intensity and passion, we worked extremely well as a unit and showed why we’re on top of the ladder.

There were some very spectacular plays from various players on the team, such as:

  • Leo’s runs down the field, smashing through the defense and gaining meters for the team.
  • Atu scoring tries with his great speed and agility.
  • Enrique busting through tackles and smashing the oppositions in his own tackles, always a great aspect to the team.
  • Matt playing a reasonably new position, but looking as though he’s played center his whole life.
  • Koli always being one of the best on the field at all times, he was great captaining on Saturday, leading by example and keeping the team pushing.

And also a big congratulations to Steven on his first rugby game for the team, he showed his pace and skill greatly.

The forwards throughout the game were great, we lifted the intensity when we needed to, we got a lecture from the coaches in a time out about pushing harder in the scrums and we responded right away, working hard to get the ball out to the backs so they can do what they do best which is scoring try’s.

The backs did an absolutely outstanding job on both the offensive and defensive side of things, keeping a high intensity all game and doing their best to keep possession at all times, even when they weren’t getting the ball they still stayed prepared. On the defensive end they never let the other team brake out and run and kept them to a limited amount of meters.

But, in saying that, there were a lot of things that I noticed that needed improvement, such as our intensity, awareness, our attack on the ball and trying to incorporate the things we learn in training into our games a lot more.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank Chris and Zeb for teaching us the skills we need to perform on the field and being patient as we are trying to learn new things.

I would also like to thank the Team Manager Julie and all the parents for showing your support by coming to a very early game and cheering us on!!