U14's V Maroondah - 28 June 2014

3rd Jul 2014

Stephen Rosengren

Match Date:
28th Jun 2014

Match report….Saturday 28th June 2014….By Michael Byrne

It was an intense game this week against Maroondah If we won the game, it would give harlequins a very high chance that we would come first on the leader board at the end of the year.

This weeks game was by far the most nail biting, we would score a try, then they would score a try, then we would and so on, until the last 10 mins when they scored 1 more try than us making them 5 points ahead. It was about 2 mins to go in the game and then Ben gets the ball and passes it straight to Atu and he sprints his heart out and scored right under the post. Making it a draw in the game.

It was all up to Atu, if he made the conversion we would win the game, the pressure was all on him.

He sets up his kicking tee and lined it straight in front of the posts, he takes his steps backwards and took a deep breath, and everyone was silent. He runs in and kicks the ball straight through the post we had WON!! The whole team ran up to Atu and was cheering very loudly for this great win by Harlequins U14's. We gave a round of applause to Maroondah and shook the coaches hand and went home knowing that we played a great game of rugby.

Player’s gameplay:

  • Koli- did very well leading the team like a true captain would.
  • Joel- played great in his new position as flanker.
  • Matt- making very good first up tackles and did some great runs.
  • Seb- unfortunately wasn't feeling well but still supported the team on the sidelines.
  • Liam c- held his ground we'll and closed down their space.
  • Morgan- the team all hopes you get better.
  • Leo-brilliant rucking over the ball and great tackling.
  • Ben- good runs and set up the last try of our game.
  • Atu- winning the game with his 3 tries and 1 conversion and making his first up tackles
  • Sam- played well but then unfortunately came of injured.
  • Henry- scoring a try with his speed.
  • Steven- supporting Atu all the time and unfortunately didn't get the ball much.
  • Arnie ( Anand ) - played well, assisted a try and welcome to our club.
  • Enrique- making amazing tackles and great runs
  • Dexter- very good game for Dexter did an all-round great job
  • Nick- tired from the Colts game the night before but still played a good game.
  • Gabrielle- changing positions all the time and scoring an excellent try.
  • Tihan- doing really well as our hooker.
  • Corey- great passes and did well at shutting down the players.
  • Tj- wasn't there - holiday
  • Liam- wasn't there – Broken Thumb
  • Andre- wasn't there - sick
  • Jonas- wasn't there - sick

Michael- was by far the best good looking player in the team, with his great hairstyle stance and he should definitely win an award for being so good looking and as skilful as Daniel



Coach’s gameplay:

Chris- a fantastic rugby coach and did very well at saying the same things he says every week "you guys look so tired!"

Zeb- a great rugby coach and a great life coach.

On behalf of the team, I would like to say thanks to all the parents for taking us to the game. Thank you to the coaches, Chris and Zeb for helping us improve our gameplay and thank you to our manager, Julie for organising everything for us. Looking forward to the next game!!!