U14's V Melbourne - 12 July 2014

28th Jul 2014

Stephen Rosengren

Match Date:
12th Jul 2014

I would like to start off by thanking Chris and Zeb for taking their time off every week to ensure that the team is ready to play our best game possible. Another big thank you to Julie for making sure that everything is organized before the game to ensure that the boys are ready to go!


 I would like to congratulate the team on an awesome and well-played game by ALL the team. We played a great structured game against Melbourne whom we were seeking revenge against after a draw earlier in the season. Everybody had a positive attitude, always wanting to get the best result for the team. I also loved how we were supporting our teammates much more. Keep the good work coming boys!


Well done forwards on excellent all round effort. As a forward pack I believed we did a great effort of holding our ground in all areas of the game such as tackling and scrums. Awesome job guys on giving the backs front foot ball and opportunities. Keep up the good work fellas.


A great effort from the backs this week ensuring that the hard work the forwards did up front was rewarded. The backs this week did a fantastic job in passing and supporting. At some points during the game I thought you guys were playing hot potato, but I was soon proven wrong as you guys were trying to find space a great chances for try’s. Great job guys.

Areas for improvement:

Although we won convincingly there is still plenty of work to do. We found ourselves giving away lots of penalties this game, mostly around the ruck and being offside in certain situations. Again our support was good but not great, some moments in the game players had made big runs but had no one to support them. These are the areas that I thought let down our game as a team.

Special mentions:

I have to call out a couple of boys for individual brilliance or a consistent all round game.

Steven- Steven displayed some exciting rugby showcasing his speed and agility. Steven also made one of the most memorable moments of the year by chasing down one of Sam’s kicks to put pressure on the fullback, but Steven was not finished as he then made a huge tackle that changed the game. Fantastic Steven AKA Flash.
Jonah- What a great first game for Jonah, with his great runs and pressure around the ruck. Welcome Jonah, we hope to see more of this!

Nick- Nick has found a new love for the position hooker, which he has been practicing this week. When Nick came on you could  defiantly tell that he had been practicing, in fact he was still practicing on the sideline. Great job Nick.

If you have made it this far I would like to thank you for reading my match report and hope to see everyone at training!