Don Brooker Memorial Shield

Don Brooker made a big contribution to Victorian rugby through two clubs. First as coach with Kiwis from 1971 to 1975 and a very successful one leading them to a First Grade Premiership in 1973. He joined the Harlequin Club in 1985 because we had a flourishing junior program, which Kiwis didn't have and his sons Phil and Gordon wanted to play rugby.

Don went on to coach and become president of Harlequins in 1994 before his untimely death in 1995.  The Brooker family also made big contributions: Phil and Gordon on the field and Don's wife, Mary, off the field.

In 1998 the family suggested an annual game between Kiwi Hawthorn and the Harlequins to play for the Shield that they would provide.  This idea was immediately accepted by both clubs and is an annual event on the rugby calendar.  In 2005 Kiwi Hawthorn, who had become Boroondara, were relegated to second division and the teams did not play against each other until Boroondara returned to first division in 2007.


Winning Team

1998 Harlequins
1999 Kiwi Hawthorn
2000 Harlequins
2001 Harlequins
2002 Harlequins
2003 Harlequins
2004 Harlequins
2007 Boroondara
2008 Harlequins
2009 Harlequins (22 - 15)
2010 Harlequins (27 - 25)
2011 Harlequins (25 - 10)
2012 Harlequins (50 - 24)
2013 Not Played
2014 Not Played
2015 Not Played
2016 Not Played