Club Colours & Website Font

The club constitution defines the club's colours without specifying absolute values. According to the constitution the club colours are Maroon, Pale Blue, Sage Green and Black. This loose definition is no longer an adequate definition and the club has therefore settled on a more precise definition which is shown below.

The font used on the website is League Gothic Regular and can be downloaded here for those of you who wish to create text external to the website which uses the same font as the website.

The club colours as defined below are the only colours to be used whenever club colours are to be reproduced for any purpose whatsoever.  Where the PMS, RGB or HTML codes are inadequate (maybe in fabric dying) the colours must be colour matched using a spectrophotometer to make sure that the colours represent those displayed below as closely as possible.

NOTE: Unless the monitor that is used to view the colours on this page has been 'calibrated' the colours may not be accurate.



  • PMS: 209c
  • RGB: 117 38 61
  • HTML: #75263D

Pale Blue

  • PMS: 278c
  • RGB: 153 186 221
  • HTML: #99BADD

Sage Green

  • PMS: 361c
  • RGB: 30 181 58
  • HTML: #1EB53A


  • PMS: Pantone Black
  • RGB: 26 23 27
  • HTML: #1A171B


  • PMS: 1235
  • RGB: 252 181 20
  • HTML: #FCB514

NOTE: This colour is only to be used when gold thread is used to embroider the Jester on jacket pockets and the like.