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I have been a member of the Harlequin Club since February 1966. In the early seventies I was treasurer and secretary and rejoined the committee in 2008 until I finally decided to make way for others in 2019. I played first and reserve grade rugby for the Quins and had two seasons of first and reserve grade rugby in Queensland in the late sixties. I captained the club's squash team when we won the Victorian Rugby Union's squash competition in the early seventies two or three years in succession from memory.

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In 2008 Neil Carter, then President, recognised that certain aspects of the club's administration needed standardisation so that successive members of the committee did not reinvent the wheel every time there was a change in the committee. For example, there was no authoritative list of members and supporters: committee members tended to maintain their own lists and run their own administrative systems in the absence of any standard administrative process.

Against this background we developed administrative systems to comply with the following objectives:

  • Accessible anywhere at anytime
  • Available on any device (desktop, tablets and smartphones)
  • Data is entered and stored once so that there is no duplication of volunteers' effort, therefore there is a single 'source of the truth' 
  • Integrated and interoperable so that information seamlessly flows from, for example, our membership systems to the financial management systems

Central to our administration is a fully integrated web based system consisting of ‘content management’ and ‘community relationship management’ systems. This system has been operating since 2008 and contains a 360 degree view of our members' and supporters' activities with the club. The website has approximately 4,000 contacts and maintains the club's interaction with them since 2008 or the start of their membership, whichever is the later.