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Touring Grant Application

Congratulations on your selection to the Rebels team! The club is proud of your selection and would like to assist with your touring costs by issuing you with a grant of $200. 

The grant is available to successful players once a year and is conditional upon you playing with Harlequins in the following season if you are playing rugby in Melbourne. (You will need to accept the Terms and Conditions by ticking button below.)

The grant will be paid into your bank account the week before you leave for your tour. 

I confirm that I have read and accept the Harlequin Touring Terms & Conditions.
Please feel free to add a photo of you in your Rebels kit so we can add it to our Melbourne Harlequin archives as a record of your achievement.
Files must be less than 1 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.

Harlequin Club Contact Information

Club Premises:

Power Avenue
Ashwood, Victoria, 3147
(Enter via Holmesglen Reserve)

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