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Player Safety and Welfare

Harlequins follows the policies and protocols set down by Rugby Australia and Rugby Victoria. The areas of focus include:

  • Concussion Management and Reporting
  • Serious Injuries and Injury Reporting
  • Welfare Initiatives
  • Player Dispensation
  • Match Day Safety
  • First Aid Medical
  • Child Safety

You can read more about the approach in each of these areas on the Rugby AU site.

Rugby AU Player Safety and Welfare

Club First Aid Support

We have accredited first aid support at our games and on training nights.


We strongly recommend use of fitted mouthguards for all players at training and at games.

Concussion Management and Reporting

If your child shows any symptoms of a suspected concussion, please seek medical care. It is a requirement that all players who suffer a concussion seek the highest level of medical care reasonably available and follow Rugby Australia’s return to play policy to ensure concussion is managed appropriately, which includes a mandatory minimum of 19 days from a concussion being sustained before they can return to play.

Rugby AU Concussion Management

Serious Injury and Injury Reporting

From time-to-time injuries do occur and Rugby Australia requires all serious and non-serious injuries to be reported which includes:

  • Any head or neck injury that results in a player being treated at an emergency department, hospital or after-hours medical centre; or
  • Any injury that results in the admission of a player into hospital; or
  • Any other injury that prevents a player from participating in a match or training

The club and team officials will support you in reporting these injuries appropriately.

Contact Us if you have any questions or need support

Working with Children Checks

We require all coaches and team officials to have current volunteer level working with children checks.