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Player Welfare

Do you know?

  • 25% of Australians live with a mental illness
  • 3 in 4 cases of mental illness starts before the age of 25
  • 3 in 5 people with mental illness don’t seek help

We have therefore established a Welfare Team to work with club members to help ensure that the club provides a supportive and culturally accepting environment through the application of a wellness framework that embraces:

  • Inclusiveness
  • Communities
  • Integrity
  • Action

Our Process

We aim to empower our community through events such as International food days, ‘Love me Love you’ rounds, Mental Health and Nutrition seminars, Positive Social Media campaigns and more. Through these events we aim to highlight the importance of keeping mentally and physically aware whilst celebrating our different cultures and backgrounds to bring our community closer.

Embracing a “safe place to talk” through constant reminders is vital given the current social climate.


Our Welfare Team

We have a number of people dedicated to managing welfare in the club. The program is led by our Chair of Welfare – Jose Thomas and you can reach him at

Jose Thomas

Chair of Welfare

Sally Treacy

Player Parent

Philippe McConnell

Senior Player

Maradona Farao

Senior Player

Angus Arundel

Senior Player and Junior Coach

The role of the welfare team members is to:

  • Develop and nurture a safe place for all our community members and visitors. Our “Call 4 It” welfare team will provide an ongoing support system and will continue to bridge the gap between cultural diversity and acceptance.
  • Build awareness and acceptance of the issue and that it is okay to talk to people about challenging periods you may be experiencing.
  • Provide someone to talk to and facilitate access to further support to enable a way forward and action. This will be done in a confidential and sensitive way.
  • Provide insights on ways in which people can support their well-being.
  • Utilizing the up to date resources provided by Rugby Australia in terms of Code of Conduct, Child Protection and Inclusivenes.

What’s Next

You will notice Welfare Ambassadors down at the club on training nights and game days (look for the “Quins Welfare” shirt). Have a conversation with them and let us know your thoughts.

We will be progressively introducing the topic of mental health with our children (starting with our Under 14-18 age groups) and the importance of being able to talk about it. The messaging will be tailored and nuanced for the age groups and done with the coaches on hand.

To learn more about the club’s welfare program please fill the form below: