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Harlequin Membership for Non-Players


Membership is an important way to support the club as the fees play a major role in helping Harlequins to operate each year.

In line with previous years, in 2024 we have a range of different types of memberships available for our non-playing supporters. The membership fees and inclusions are summarised below.

To make a payment, simply click the green button below for the relevant type of membership.

You will taken to our new membership platform where you can make a payment through a secure payment page.

As we have transitioned our membership platform to help us to continue to run the club as efficiently as possible, we have also provided some FAQ’s below the green buttons in case you have any questions about the new process.


As you may be aware, we have evolved our website and member platform to help us continue to run the club in a streamlined way. This means there are a few new things to take into account as you pay your membership in 2024:

  • Email/Password: For existing members, please use the email address you have used in the past for your Quins membership. You can also create a password on the new members site to give you access to your membership details and to update information as required.
  • Multiple Memberships: If you would like to pay two of the same types of memberships, you can easily do this by using the orange ‘add membership’ button on the site. If you are paying for additional types of different memberships, simply come back to this page and use the relevant buttons
  • Parent/Guardian: We use this platform throughout the club and we capture contact information for playing members. As a non-member, you can enter this information as well or leave it blank
  • One time payment/auto-renewal: We have provided the option for your membership to be paid for 2024 or, if you would like to set it up for auto-renewal at the end of the year, you can select that option. It is next to the payment amount. If you do choose auto-renewal, we will email you ahead of time to confirm fee levels for the next season and to confirm you wish to proceed.
  • Credit card fee: We get charged a small fee per transaction by our payment/membership platform and this is added to the membership amount rather than absorbed by the club across all members.


If you have any questions about paying your membership fees, please contact

Thank-you for your support of Harlequins in 2024.